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You are reading EthSigner development version documentation and some displayed features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to stable version using the version box at screen bottom.

Use metrics to monitor performance

Use the --metrics-enabled option to enable the Prometheus monitoring and alerting service to access EthSigner.

Install Prometheus

To use Prometheus with EthSigner, install the Prometheus main component. On MacOS, install with Homebrew:

 brew install prometheus

Setting up and running Prometheus with EthSigner

To configure Prometheus to run with EthSigner:

  1. Configure Prometheus to poll EthSigner. For example, add the following YAML fragment to the the prometheus.yml file:

    Example configuration

      scrape_interval: 15s
      - job_name: "prometheus"
        - targets: ["localhost:9090"]
      - job_name: "ethsigner-prod"
        scrape_timeout: 10s
        metrics_path: /metrics
        scheme: http
        - targets: ["localhost:8546"]


    Alternatively create your own YAML file and add the above example configuration.

  2. Start EthSigner with the --metrics-enabled option.

    ethsigner --chain-id=2018 \
    --downstream-http-port=8590 --metrics-enabled=true \
    file-based-signer --key-file=/Users/me/signer/keyFile --password-file=/Users/me/signer/passwordFile

    The JVM, and PROCESS metrics categories are enabled by default. Use the --metrics-category command line option to update the available categories.


    To view the full list of available EthSigner metrics view http://<metrics-host>:<metrics-port>/metrics. By default this is http://localhost:8546/metrics.

  3. In another terminal, run Prometheus specifying the prometheus.yml file:

    prometheus --config.file=prometheus.yml
  4. View the Prometheus graphical interface.

View Prometheus graphical interface

  1. Open a web browser to http://localhost:9090 to view the Prometheus graphical interface.

  2. Choose Graph from the menu bar and click the Console tab below.

  3. From the Insert metric at cursor drop-down, select a metric and click Execute. The values display.

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